Well folks,
Tommorrow is my daughters Graduation. "COLLEGE" Graduation! I am SO Proud of her...
I only hope she realizes with what magnitude that I Love, Cherish & actually Lookup to her, as an Inspiration to myself.
SHE is what has kept me going ALL these years. Without her in my Life, I doubt if I would still be around.
Words cannot BEGIN to express the depth of LOVE for her. I had some rough years, and she Always stuck by me, & stood up for me when my own mother would be down on me.

I wish I couldthink of a way to repay her for all she has meant to me... in my life.
She IS the ONLY good thing in my life.
She is the Only truly "GREAT" thing I have accomplished in my life...

And she is such a wonderful human being, she has brought so much happiness & joy into our lives & the lives of the animals she has loved, cared for and saved.
She was born for a purpose. She continues to fulfill that purpose & need in this world...
And although this is the only (Greatest) Contribution I have brought to this world,

That is enough for me.
I couldn't ask for any Richer Blessing than her in my life.
I LOVE you Erica, -MORE Than you will EVER, ever Know-

*i hope that one day, you will realize the absolute truth in those words*

I will Always Be with You, in Life and in Passing...
I will BE your Guardian Angel babygirl...
I will Protect you from harm.

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