Now THAT is Beauty........


Between the rails, originally uploaded by photoholmes.
Not a whole lot to say here really. The photo speaks for itself I think.
I just saw it, and it moved me, stirred something within...
To me, that is one of THE definitions of  "ART".
It HAS to make you FEEL something...
It has to MOVE you from within your soul.

It is a Really gorgeous photograph.
Kudos photoholmes!
**nice work**


  1. I thought so too Melissa, I guess that's why I posted it. I wanted to share some beauty with y'all... =)
    I really feel that the world needs to focus more on the beauty in/of things rather than ALWAYS on the negative/ugly side of things.(at least it seems like its always about the negative to me sometimes.)
    Well, Hope Everyone has a Great Week!!
    Love & Blessing to ALL,