2 Of Your FAVS Together At Last....

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake, originally uploaded by danacakes65.
Now C'mon....

WHO doesn't -Love- cupcakes and icecream cones???

I know that cupcakes are my Obsession and ice cream(cones) run a close 2nd.

Soooo... of course when I spotted this photograph on flickr I just had to blog about it!! LOL

I STILL haven't tried my hand at fondant yet.

well, I have just decided to place that on my list of things to try/accomplish for the year 2010.

I've been wanting to try this for awhile now, ever since I took my cake decorating classes.

They might even have a fondant class I could take....

Anyways... Great Photograph!

Reminds me that I MUST get a new camera before I am able to post any of my pics on here. lol

Another must-do for the new year!

So, enjoy fellow Cupcake worshippers... Enjoy!


  1. Here's to 2010!
    It must be really enjoying to be in a cupcake making class :D
    Hope to see your photography skills soon :D

  2. hello Pochacco Star!!
    Thank-you for the Great comment!
    I am going to reply to this/your comment in todays blog posting.
    Hope you can check it out!