And You 've Got To Have, F R I E N D S......

Happy New Year!!, originally uploaded by Miss Laid Plot.
You know the song that song don't you? LOL
Well, I do believe THIS photograph is a very nice representation of the words in that song!

As you might have noticed *in previous blog entries* my daughter and I are extremely soft-hearted when it comes to animals.

I have always loved horses and she has always loved cats. (& now I am very fond of cats too, although not so much when I was younger.)

We have always tried to help strays in our neighborhood and now that my daughter has completed college for Vet Tech (& works at an animal hospital/clinic) hopefully we will someday see our dream of having an animal shelter/sanctuary come true.

There are just so many stray cats & dogs without anyone to take care of them... =(

And yes, alot of them are sick and dying - BUT we want to make their last few weeks/months of their lives happy and peaceful.

We want them to finally feel cared for and loved.

When I saw this picture, it reminded me of my daughter and her black cat "D.Q." (one of a few that she has taken in or helped).

And of course I also thought that the photograph was cute and quite vivid with the 2 black-furry friends side by side & the white winter snowscape in the background.
GREAT Photograph!

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