A Few Easter Guests...

A Few Easter Guests, originally uploaded by Frosted Fantasies.
Wow, Hi everyone!
Long time - No blog... (lol)

*a LINK explaining at the bottom if you are interested.*

OK, Now onto the Goodies!!!
Just look at ALL the sugary fineness I have found for you today...
Don't they look SO delish!!

Frosted cookies are one of my absolute favs, I guess because the decorating part can be so creative - the possibilities are almost endless, what with all the new techniques & tools that I've seen used recently on my friends food/baking blogs.

Well now, enough with my chitchat...
I have SO many blogs to read and so many more scrumptious pics to post for your enjoyment AND your Easter celebration inspiration!!

*Ooohh, a poet & didnt know it*
well, yeh I kinda did. LOL!!

Enjoy Y'all...
Love & Blessings,

Explanation LINK: 

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