A Few Tasty Cakes.... Or ARE They?

fooled ya!

oh shucky darn.
April fools was last week! - Oops.......

But.... They ARE Cupcakes! (like I promised).
And would you just take a gander at all that 'TALENT' - woohoo...
Many props are to be given to this exceptionally creative & talented Artiste'

They looked SO real to me at first glance, when I spied them on tumblr that I actually started to salivate a little... =D

& upon closer inspection... I STILL salivated a lil... LOL!

& to let you in on a lilttle secret of mine -- One of the MANY things that I have on my - 'To Do, To Learn & To Try' - List is... To learn to "Felt".

So I was especially stoked when I spied with my little eye, this delish array of felted goodness!

Sooooo now, I must find a tutorial out there in big ole Internet-land that will help me find my way to felting nirvana...
*any takers?*

ok, on a serious note - IF anyone is willing to teach me, or point me in the direction of some felting tutorial links, I will be forever grateful AND will bake you some scrumptious cuppies for your time & effort.

Just leave me a comment and I will get back with you.
Thanks all... Hope you liked the Pic!

Love & Blessings,

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