Pretty Sprinkled Cupcakes... *WooHoo*

Pretty Sprinkled Cupcakes, originally uploaded by lydiafairy.
I know, I know...

yes, the Easter holiday is over. =(

But, I just thought these were the cutest lil cuppies I have seen for about a minute... LOL.

And.... the pastals are appropriate for Spring-time!

**and the photography is mag-nif-i-cent! (as usual)**

Soooo, oh AND I haven't posted a 'CUPCAKE' pic in what seems like FOR-EV-ER...

So, here we are... Ta-da!

ok, fellow bloggers and sugar fiends, I am on the run again. =(

I'm off to another dr. appt (boo), so I will be on the hunt for more luscious cupcakes upon my return. I realize I have been lagging in this area.

I promise to do better!

As Always,
Love & Blessings to ALL,

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