4th of July Mini Cupcakes Flag Recipe


Looky WHAT I FOUND...........  heehee! - lol
SEE,  I told you I would find ya a 'real' cupcake recipe and photo!
And this is even themed for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.
So,  I'm pretty sure that if you make these for your picnic or party this weekend, that they will definitely be gobbled up right quick!!
ok, now the recipe is below and the assembly instructions (if you need any) can be found at the LINK I'm posting along with step-by-step photographs to walk you thru it.
I saw this on and it is posted by Linette Gerlach, who did a beautiful job on the cupcakes AND the photographs!
•mini-cupcake pan
•1 box cake mix or your favorite cake recipe
•4 cups decorator icing
•3 pastry bags
•Wilton #21 decorator tip
•Wilton #12 decorator tip
•mini-cupcake cups
•white star sprinkles
•red food coloring
•blue Food coloring
•cake foil wrap
•1 large bar pan or sheet of cardboard for the base

Rest of Instructions & photos at the LINK below - ->
4th of July Cupcake Flag Recipe

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