Best Rainbow Cake I've Seen!

YES-Yes, I know it isn't Cupcakes... LMAO!

Well, just to give ya a lil background info into this post...
I have become obsessed with the Making of a rainbow cake.
Ever since the first time I saw a photo of one, I have been fascinated with them.
And I'm guessing the reasons probably are:

1. They are just darn purdy to look at.
2. Colorful and Cute.
3. Unusual & Different (hmm, some would say like moi).
4. Looks tasty!
5. & Not as easy as it looks to make (cause I've seen QUITE a few 'versions' - if ya kno what i mean, lol).

uhh well.... ahhh. shucks - I'm all choked up & almost speechless over it!

What beautiful Colors...
What beautiful Design...
What beautiful Symmetry...

Need I go on.

I'm feeling a bit faint from the total "Lusciousness" of it all!
(Is that a word?-lol)
whew, Is It getting HOT in here?

*geezy pete, I guess I'm a WAY bigger foodie than I ever thought I was*
anyways I digress.

I would LOVE to attempt making one myself -- I guess I just don't wanna ruin the fantasy of it all in my head. HA.

Cause I just know........ That it probably won't turn out good the 1st attempt. And from everything I've read from various blogging bakers or baking bloggers (whichever y'all prefer) that it Will take a FEW trial & errors to get it the way you want it, ie: Looking GOOD!

Ok, so if any of you B&Bs (blogging bakers/baking bloggers) have made a rainbow cake or attempted to make one, I would LOVE to hear your story and see any pics that you may have.

So, drop me a comment and I will chose the Best and the Funniest Rainbow cake-making "stories" and have y'all write your own Guest post for this blog if you would like to do so.

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  1. This looks sooo yummy!But too pretty to eat!
    Be good and smile :)