What the F? (Frosting- helloooo!)

Just a lil info for ya on some icing types and styles here.

hmmm. well, not sure exactly.

cause I'm guessing y'all probably already know ALL about this kind of stuff, the icing that is... lol!

I guess maybe 'just cause' I found their site, liked their cupcake flavors and then found this article on their blog page.

Catchy title, huh...

*i think you'll like*

(click on the LINK please)

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  1. What a Cupcake you are! Such a fun Blog too.
    If you like cupcakes this is your gal!
    Cakes of all kinds & shapes & colors!
    Edible & Non Edible!
    I have chosen you as one of my five favorite bloggers to receive the Liebster Blog Award , come over to my blog to see what it's all about.