Like, OMG... It's PLUSHIES! - WooHoo

A few friends, originally uploaded by redmag.

I Love Plushies!! (especially the handmade/homemade ones -VS- the factory made/mass marketed stuff)
and I greatly appreciate the time, effort/energy and Love these Crafters put into their cutesy creations.
And yes i am a wanna-be crafter myself. I can Only hope that one day I can be as gifted as these ladies and gents.
This is just one pic out of many that has become an inspiration to my future crafting endeavours... LOL
I'm sure I will end up posting many more in the future!
So enjoy & happy crafting!


You Gotta Love A Rainbow Cake, Yo!

I just loved this Photo!  *too cute*  and Great setup for the shot...
And I do LOVE the cake… Looks Delish!

I have been wanting to try my hand at making a Rainbow Cake, or cupcakes even.
Well, when I do I will definitely post them on here.
Oh and btw:
I just love the food groups on flickr, those photos are Fab-u-lous! Food has never looked so good.
Now with the Internet, food blogs, digital cameras/photography, I mean… Come’on how can your mouth NOT water lookin at some of these pics!!! LOL

A Blast from the Past... (mine that is) lol

Yard Sale Treasures, originally uploaded by pollymcmillan2001.

I saw this picture and it brought back memories of my childhood...
I remember seeing these exact types of knicknacks in my babysitters homes.
Yes, now they might be considered "kitschy" I guess, but I still have a fondness for these type of collectibles!!

I love 'em.


Embossed Cupcake, originally uploaded by SmallThingsIced.

YUM - Yum - YUMMY!..........
cause you know how much  I LOVE CUPCAKES!

*i think i'm a lil obsessed actually* lol

And I LOVE your Colors...

you brought colors into my life, originally uploaded by .neha..

This is Dedicated to Brad.

Thank you So Much for all the Wonderful, Magnificent, Happy, Crazy COLORS you have brought BACK Into my Life...
Gray was gettin' pretty boring and that's just NOT me, right.... LOL

you know what.........
you ARE my wonderwall.

* ILY* - (the mostest!)
--lil miss snookie

Now THAT is Beauty........


Between the rails, originally uploaded by photoholmes.
Not a whole lot to say here really. The photo speaks for itself I think.
I just saw it, and it moved me, stirred something within...
To me, that is one of THE definitions of  "ART".
It HAS to make you FEEL something...
It has to MOVE you from within your soul.

It is a Really gorgeous photograph.
Kudos photoholmes!
**nice work**