Now THESE are Some of the Cutest Cookiecups Ever! - plus BONUS Surprise


But now what I did spy with-my-lil-eye, was a scrumptious looking photo that had been posted on the Pillsbury website (from this contest that they have every year) and I KNEW right then,  that I wanted to do a quick blog about it!

REASON?? - uhhh, mainly just because these are so frickin'-frackin' CUTESY Patootsie, lol!
and just HOW cute you say...

Well, SO crappin' cute that they WON!

Like I said I found them on, AND... they were from the "Bake-Off Contest #44 - Winning Recipe for 2010".

Now how bout' that. ;)

Ohh, and the winning prize you might be wondering was...


wait for it....

uhh... well, it was only a cool   -- ONE -- MILLION -- DOLLARS!!
(wait a tic, till I can get back up OFF the floor...)

Ok,  So-WHY didn't I enter this contest??.... j/jking, lol
(Hmm, now maybe wishin I had!)

Now for the BONUS Round - (one more item to note):

 In recent weeks I was given an award for "Best New Blog with less than 100 Followers".

*Yay!*.............. (whistles-catcalls-whistles)
I know...  So exciting, Right!

Ok, so it's my turn to pass along this lovely & very thoughtful Award and now I'm supposed to choose 5 "Blogs w/less than 100 followers" that I like & enjoy.
A lil FYI for ya, Not as easy a task as you might think-missy. *sighs* BUT..........

I have FINALLY come to a decision for my 5 FAV-Blog picks, so that Awards post is being written as we speak along with some over-all Blog tweaking and a slight revamping that you will hopefully notice & enjoy looking at more than my first feeble 'Beginner-101' attempts at a layout! LOL!

Well, I had better get back to finishing the FAV-Blogs post because I am SO looking forward to giving out those well-deserved Awards!   =D

Hope everyone is having a SPECTACULAR week so far!
love & blessings to everyone & your families,
--snookiecollins ;)

ok girls, you know what to do...

Go to the Pillsbury site for the complete article, video & recipe. Click on the LINK below -->

Mini Ice Cream Cookie Cups from  


Pretty As You Please AND with a Cherry On Top!

Ah-ha, GOTCHA!...
(made you look - made you look) lol

Yes, once again my pretties, even I was fooled when seeing this cupcake, especially as a thumbnail image!
Looks just so divinely delish doesn't it?

Well, heck even AFTER you know its made of felt, it is Still lookin quite scrumptious to moi...
This cute lil cuppy is from an Etsy Artisan (ViviansKitchen) and boy do I admire her goods!

Err, uhhh... well you know what I mean - Her Craftsmenship. ;)

and look at these..............   
ooooo-weeeee, simply gorge!

Ok, and if I haven't rambled on here about it before now, FYI - I am in Total LOVE with Etsy.
SO many talented people, SO many beautiful items and SO freakin little moola-$$ in my wallet for me to buy it all with!
(or poo-diggitydang-it you bet yer sweet patootie I would! And THEN... have to find room for it all - Ha!)

Actually I've been working on putting together my own lil etsy-shoppe(Vintage). Just tryin now to finalize all the minor last-minute details & work it into the ole' schedule here.

**I'll do a separate post specifically about that lil endeavor for-ya, cause it's ALOT more involved than you'd think**

Well, hope you enjoyed the pics of the Treats, my Sweets!!
Hope y'all are havin a wonderful week so far,

and as always --Click on the LINK--(below) to go to the actual site where I found all these lovelies -->

Felt Cupcake Circus Pink Red Stripes And Cherry by ViviansKitchen  


What the F? (Frosting- helloooo!)

Just a lil info for ya on some icing types and styles here.

hmmm. well, not sure exactly.

cause I'm guessing y'all probably already know ALL about this kind of stuff, the icing that is... lol!

I guess maybe 'just cause' I found their site, liked their cupcake flavors and then found this article on their blog page.

Catchy title, huh...

*i think you'll like*

(click on the LINK please)

Desmond and Beatrice - Blog - What the F? (Frosting- helloooo!)  


Just In Time For Christmas - Cupcake Gifts To Craft!

Ok, now you know I will be trying my lil hand at these!! =D
This will just be a quick post for now and I will come back later to add additional pics of these Cutesy Cupcake Crafts and to also type out the supply list for you.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
Click the LINK below to be taken to my cutesy find!

cupcake pincushions

To Make: Easy Caramel Apples With A Gourmet Flair!

Just a quick post with a LINK for y'all to a fab lil Recipe...
*ahhh, brings back memories of the county fair*  ;)

Make Easy Caramel Apples With A Gourmet Flair  

(and for those who are too busy OR too tired... another option)


I Do Believe That I've Hit THE Mother Of All Lodes!

Friends, Romans and countrymen...
Here Ye, Here Ye -- Gather' round, one and all for MY best find yet!

And I was NOT exaggerating when I entitled this blog post, "I do believe that I've hit the mother of all lodes".
Cause that is exactly what went thru my mind when I found this website.

(here is an example of just one of the cuppies w/recipe that you will see).

Any-Whos... I saw'em. And finding 33, count'em. THIRTY-THREE gorgeous, scrumptious, mouth-watering, delectible, delightful cupcakes WITH their recipes was a fantabulous find! (for me anyway. ha)
So ok my fellow cuppers, without ANY further adieu...........
Here is the LINK for you.
Enjoy kiddies! -- LuvYa.     


It Doesn't Get ANY Better Than This!

A Cupcake... on a Cupcake!


I Love - love - LOVE  this!!

Ohhh how could you not. If you love lil cuppies as I do, then "A Cupcake ON a cupcake"...

Well it's genius I tell ya, pureeeee genius. (dang it, wish I would've 'thunk' it - lol).

ok enough of my meanderings, here is another delish pic of the cupcakes and a Link to the blog WITH the tutorial on how to create the lil cuppies - (woohoo, i love tutorials y'all!).

SweetThings: Tutorial: A Cupcake on a Cupcake 


Cupcake Bouquets AND Cupcake Ideas For You!


I have found 'THE' cutest cupcake blog around!!
AND just take a look at these delish Cupcake Bouquets...  

I have always wanted to and have even attempted a couple times to make 'Cookie' Bouquets (but that's for another blog post! lol), but when I saw my very first Cupcake Bouquet...

Well, suffice it to say that I thought I had landed in yum-yum heaven!!

Oh my....  I just had a thought -- You know what would be "THE" Ultimate for me....

*drum-roll please*

A  - RAINBOW -  Cupcake Bouquet!!!!   

*insert another big  O. M. G.  here*
Please excuse me while I collect myself.  lol.

If you read my last blog post it was all about my newest mini-obsession over Rainbow Cakes.

Ok, I think I'm a lil better now.   =D

Well, you can check out this fab blog at the LINK below, & she has alot more beautiful photos of other Cupcake Bouquets on there as well for us, errr for me to salivate over.

Cupcake Bouquet Cupcake Ideas For You


Best Rainbow Cake I've Seen!

YES-Yes, I know it isn't Cupcakes... LMAO!

Well, just to give ya a lil background info into this post...
I have become obsessed with the Making of a rainbow cake.
Ever since the first time I saw a photo of one, I have been fascinated with them.
And I'm guessing the reasons probably are:

1. They are just darn purdy to look at.
2. Colorful and Cute.
3. Unusual & Different (hmm, some would say like moi).
4. Looks tasty!
5. & Not as easy as it looks to make (cause I've seen QUITE a few 'versions' - if ya kno what i mean, lol).

uhh well.... ahhh. shucks - I'm all choked up & almost speechless over it!

What beautiful Colors...
What beautiful Design...
What beautiful Symmetry...

Need I go on.

I'm feeling a bit faint from the total "Lusciousness" of it all!
(Is that a word?-lol)
whew, Is It getting HOT in here?

*geezy pete, I guess I'm a WAY bigger foodie than I ever thought I was*
anyways I digress.

I would LOVE to attempt making one myself -- I guess I just don't wanna ruin the fantasy of it all in my head. HA.

Cause I just know........ That it probably won't turn out good the 1st attempt. And from everything I've read from various blogging bakers or baking bloggers (whichever y'all prefer) that it Will take a FEW trial & errors to get it the way you want it, ie: Looking GOOD!

Ok, so if any of you B&Bs (blogging bakers/baking bloggers) have made a rainbow cake or attempted to make one, I would LOVE to hear your story and see any pics that you may have.

So, drop me a comment and I will chose the Best and the Funniest Rainbow cake-making "stories" and have y'all write your own Guest post for this blog if you would like to do so.


On Top of Spaghetti... - Cupcakes?

Ok so by now, ya'll should know that I do like to throw a surprise at ya every now & again... *she grins*

And, I just found the 'perfect' lil treat that will do just that!

(this would be a really cute surprise for your kids or maybe even at a birthday party  =)

So.... How about & Who wouldn't LOVE to eat ---->

Spaghetti Cupcakes!!  *yay!*

Ohhh, excuse me.

I think I did make a slight error.....

WHAT I meant to say was,

Spaghetti  and Meatball  Cupcakes!  --  LOL!
Don't ya just L-U-V it!!
Like what a super-cute idea.
*and if you are a bit of a practical joker in the family, even better!*

I just KNEW when I saw these, I HAD to include them in my blog for you guys!
Well, hope you likey...

So now to make your own "Spaghetti & Meatball" Cupcakes, you will need the following:

12 vanilla cupcakes
1 can (16 ounces) vanilla frosting
Yellow food coloring
1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder
3/4 cup low sugar strawberry jam
12 to 16 chocolate doughnut holes
1 piece white chocolate

And here are the decorating steps:

1. Tint the vanilla frosting a semolina yellow with the yellow frosting and cocoa powder. Spoon the tinted frosting into a resealable bag.

2. Arrange the cupcakes close together on a serving platter. Snip a very small corner from the bag with the frosting. Pipe the frosting all over the cupcakes to cover completely, allowing the frosting to hang over the edge and look like spaghetti.

3. Spoon the strawberry jam in a medium bowl and stir to break up. Toss the doughnut holes with the strawberry jam. Spoon a doughnut hole and some of the jam on top of the spaghetti-covered cupcakes. Add some extra sauce and allow a doughnut hole to land on the serving platter.

4. Grate the white chocolate on top of the cupcakes to look like Parmesan cheese.

And here is the LINK to the article/website that I found this on:
On Top of Spaghetti Cupcakes - KitchenDaily