First Valentines Day Dessert Pick of the Week

Ok this is for ALL my fellow Foodies out there in blog-blog land....
**this is in regards to my previous post**

I have officially found my first Valentines Day Dessert Pick.

Aren't these just THE most fabulous, scrumptious & delightful cookies you've seen in a hott minute!!
So beautifully and precisely decorated...
Someone must have a very steady hand with the royal-icing bag! =D
Got SO excited when I saw these cutesy cookies that I wanted to share with y'all & keep you updated on the search.

Ok, well it's back to the grindstone... er well, the laptop that is.
**Cause some days I spend SO MANY hours on here it begins to feel like a stone to my poor fingers**

But no rest for the weary... Or is it the wicked?? (hehe)
No matter kiddies -- Back to the search!

Love & Blessings,

And Now Ladies & Gentlemen -- I HAVE Found Nirvana.....

OH MY...
Looky, looky... LOOKY!!

Three of my MOST Favorite things in the whole wide Universe! (except for my daughter of course) =D

CUP--CAKES!!!.... *insert cookie-monsters voice here*

And Raspberries AND Strawberries. Ahhhhhhhhhh....

I AM a Happy girl, I am a Hap-Happy girl!...
OH what more could a girl ever ask for in a cupcake treat.

THIS is getting me all riled up & rev ved up & pepped up for Valentines Day ya'll -- woohoo!

I've got to start making plans for my delectible, delightful, delicious Dessert menu.
Everything Pink, everything Red, & most importantly Everything scrump-deli-ish-uss!
*Im giggling lika lil schoolgirl here*

OK kids.... I will start searching the blogs for all the recipes I will be needing and finding the pics that show what I will be trying to attempt to replicate.
So be watching for my upcoming posts - Cause I guarantee they WILL be mouth-wateringly Devine!!

Love & Blessings to ALL,


2010... Will Be 'THE' Best Year Yet!

This blog post is in Response to a comment I received from my new friend & fellow blogger Pochacco Star

Pochacco Star said...
"Here's to 2010! It must be really enjoyable to be in a cupcake making class :D
Hope to see your photography skills soon :D"

Yes! Here IS to 2010. I am diligently going to work at making this The BEST Year Yet in my Life!!

I have SO many new & different things that I want to try my hand at this year and Alot of definites to finally accomplish in my life, once and for all. Gee, I guess that means I had better get started on that "Bucket List" too! (it's never too soon they say) LOL.

Oh and about my Cupcake photography or lack there of... *giggles*

I just yesterday tried to take some photos of the strawberry cupcakes I had made (I blogged about these a cpl days ago) and due to the ancient-outdated camera that I sadly own, none of the pics were blog-worthy. =(

I was SO disappointed in the photos, because the cupcakes did turn out wonderfully (So moist & delicious and SO freakin Cute!) but I also kinda knew that the pics probably weren't going to be good enough to be able to post on any blog/flickr etc.( I mean this camera IS OLD... LOL & my photography skills are by no means professional-grade quality)
Wow, now there is something else for the 2010 to-do-list.
Read some photography books AND practice with a new digital camera!!  =D

well heck, I think I have mentioned on a previous blog post - I NEED a New Digital Camera asap!!
Looks like I need to start saving up those pennies again.  =)

And I do have so much to share with you all, cause besides all the delish yummies that I've been baking lately, I have also been crafting and DIYing too!! *heehee*
Who knew there were SO many awesome crafting sites/blogs (with such great tutorials)!! 
And YES, I will be blogging about which ones are my FAVS and posting the results of my projects. When I get that new camera *yippee*

I never would have guessed that allowing my creative side to come out  in my life, that it would be such a relaxing and fulfilling experience as it has been for me.
I have in the past leaned towards perfectionism when attempting a project or idea.
But with time, experience and age, oh I mean (ahem)Maturity... lol I have learned to "let go" or as they say - "go with the flow."  *winks*
It's one of those things that make you go,  Hmmmm.... Now why didn't I look at it this way sooner!

Ok, I must put an end to this post for now, it is starting to get late. So as always...
Love & Blessings to ALL,



2 Of Your FAVS Together At Last....

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake, originally uploaded by danacakes65.
Now C'mon....

WHO doesn't -Love- cupcakes and icecream cones???

I know that cupcakes are my Obsession and ice cream(cones) run a close 2nd.

Soooo... of course when I spotted this photograph on flickr I just had to blog about it!! LOL

I STILL haven't tried my hand at fondant yet.

well, I have just decided to place that on my list of things to try/accomplish for the year 2010.

I've been wanting to try this for awhile now, ever since I took my cake decorating classes.

They might even have a fondant class I could take....

Anyways... Great Photograph!

Reminds me that I MUST get a new camera before I am able to post any of my pics on here. lol

Another must-do for the new year!

So, enjoy fellow Cupcake worshippers... Enjoy!

And You 've Got To Have, F R I E N D S......

Happy New Year!!, originally uploaded by Miss Laid Plot.
You know the song that song don't you? LOL
Well, I do believe THIS photograph is a very nice representation of the words in that song!

As you might have noticed *in previous blog entries* my daughter and I are extremely soft-hearted when it comes to animals.

I have always loved horses and she has always loved cats. (& now I am very fond of cats too, although not so much when I was younger.)

We have always tried to help strays in our neighborhood and now that my daughter has completed college for Vet Tech (& works at an animal hospital/clinic) hopefully we will someday see our dream of having an animal shelter/sanctuary come true.

There are just so many stray cats & dogs without anyone to take care of them... =(

And yes, alot of them are sick and dying - BUT we want to make their last few weeks/months of their lives happy and peaceful.

We want them to finally feel cared for and loved.

When I saw this picture, it reminded me of my daughter and her black cat "D.Q." (one of a few that she has taken in or helped).

And of course I also thought that the photograph was cute and quite vivid with the 2 black-furry friends side by side & the white winter snowscape in the background.
GREAT Photograph!