On Top of Spaghetti... - Cupcakes?

Ok so by now, ya'll should know that I do like to throw a surprise at ya every now & again... *she grins*

And, I just found the 'perfect' lil treat that will do just that!

(this would be a really cute surprise for your kids or maybe even at a birthday party  =)

So.... How about & Who wouldn't LOVE to eat ---->

Spaghetti Cupcakes!!  *yay!*

Ohhh, excuse me.

I think I did make a slight error.....

WHAT I meant to say was,

Spaghetti  and Meatball  Cupcakes!  --  LOL!
Don't ya just L-U-V it!!
Like what a super-cute idea.
*and if you are a bit of a practical joker in the family, even better!*

I just KNEW when I saw these, I HAD to include them in my blog for you guys!
Well, hope you likey...

So now to make your own "Spaghetti & Meatball" Cupcakes, you will need the following:

12 vanilla cupcakes
1 can (16 ounces) vanilla frosting
Yellow food coloring
1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder
3/4 cup low sugar strawberry jam
12 to 16 chocolate doughnut holes
1 piece white chocolate

And here are the decorating steps:

1. Tint the vanilla frosting a semolina yellow with the yellow frosting and cocoa powder. Spoon the tinted frosting into a resealable bag.

2. Arrange the cupcakes close together on a serving platter. Snip a very small corner from the bag with the frosting. Pipe the frosting all over the cupcakes to cover completely, allowing the frosting to hang over the edge and look like spaghetti.

3. Spoon the strawberry jam in a medium bowl and stir to break up. Toss the doughnut holes with the strawberry jam. Spoon a doughnut hole and some of the jam on top of the spaghetti-covered cupcakes. Add some extra sauce and allow a doughnut hole to land on the serving platter.

4. Grate the white chocolate on top of the cupcakes to look like Parmesan cheese.

And here is the LINK to the article/website that I found this on:
On Top of Spaghetti Cupcakes - KitchenDaily 


  1. Today is my HBDay and I love these spaghetti cupcakes. Are they real or made of yarn. I forgot to look. Ha! Have a wonderful day.

  2. I wantz cuppcakzzzz!

  3. I LOVE these cupcakes! And I know my grandsons will too.....what a cool idea!

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