A Few Tasty Cakes.... Or ARE They?

fooled ya!

oh shucky darn.
April fools was last week! - Oops.......

But.... They ARE Cupcakes! (like I promised).
And would you just take a gander at all that 'TALENT' - woohoo...
Many props are to be given to this exceptionally creative & talented Artiste'

They looked SO real to me at first glance, when I spied them on tumblr that I actually started to salivate a little... =D

& upon closer inspection... I STILL salivated a lil... LOL!

& to let you in on a lilttle secret of mine -- One of the MANY things that I have on my - 'To Do, To Learn & To Try' - List is... To learn to "Felt".

So I was especially stoked when I spied with my little eye, this delish array of felted goodness!

Sooooo now, I must find a tutorial out there in big ole Internet-land that will help me find my way to felting nirvana...
*any takers?*

ok, on a serious note - IF anyone is willing to teach me, or point me in the direction of some felting tutorial links, I will be forever grateful AND will bake you some scrumptious cuppies for your time & effort.

Just leave me a comment and I will get back with you.
Thanks all... Hope you liked the Pic!

Love & Blessings,


Pretty Sprinkled Cupcakes... *WooHoo*

Pretty Sprinkled Cupcakes, originally uploaded by lydiafairy.
I know, I know...

yes, the Easter holiday is over. =(

But, I just thought these were the cutest lil cuppies I have seen for about a minute... LOL.

And.... the pastals are appropriate for Spring-time!

**and the photography is mag-nif-i-cent! (as usual)**

Soooo, oh AND I haven't posted a 'CUPCAKE' pic in what seems like FOR-EV-ER...

So, here we are... Ta-da!

ok, fellow bloggers and sugar fiends, I am on the run again. =(

I'm off to another dr. appt (boo), so I will be on the hunt for more luscious cupcakes upon my return. I realize I have been lagging in this area.

I promise to do better!

As Always,
Love & Blessings to ALL,


Glam Easter Eggs - A Quick & Easy Craft Project

When I saw these BEAUTIFUL eggs I thought, ok Where do I buy them & How pricey are they gonna be?
I was very pleasantly surprised when I read thru the short accompanying write-up.
These are a DIY craft project!!
Read on with glee crafters! -- Read on...

Truly glammed-up Easter eggs!
These glittered eggs truly are a snap to create and any size of natural eggs/shells(emptied out first) or craft eggs — papier mache, foam or wood — can be used.
First, paint eggs in colors of your choice and allow paint to dry.
Then, cover eggs with spray adhesive and while adhesive is tacky, sprinkle on glitter.
For best results, work in small sections to ensure that eggs are evenly glittered on all sides.
By H. Camille Smith

**Now I do have a couple of tips I thought of that may come in handy for you...
--When painting the eggs, the colors will be crucial. I do not know the exact colors they have used in the pic, but I'm guessing light pastels would be best and depending on the type of paints used, you may want to let it dry completely and then paint on another coat of two.
--I'm also thinking though that "Jewel" tones/colors such as the deep royal blues, greens, purples would look lovely also(they esp would need at least 2 or more coats of paint). THEN possibly a light coat of shellac/gloss for Shine, let dry then the adhesive and glitter.
--You can probably also achieve different 'effects' with different types of glitter... Again, they did not list the brand/kind of glitter used (I'm thinking a VERY Fine glitter would look/work the best). But another possibility could be matching the color of the glitter to the color of egg. Blue tinted glitter on the blue eggs, etc. and I guess you could mix and match colors also... =D
--There really are SO Many variations you could try.
--You could probably use an empty egg carton to hold all the eggs as you work on them.
--and my last tip is when you are applying the glitter, sprinkle it on with a plastic spoon a little at a time, while holding the egg over a plastic bowl or paper towel to catch the excess glitter to reuse.
(as my grandmothers would say..."waste not, want not!")

Well, I definitely plan on trying this DIY glam Easter egg craft myself, and if the eggs & the pics turn out alright I will post them for you guys to see!!

So here's wishing you all a very Happy Easter!... 
and here's to happy crafting also! - lol
And as always, Love & Blessings...

The LINK below goes to the actual webpage & article on this at