I Do Believe That I've Hit THE Mother Of All Lodes!

Friends, Romans and countrymen...
Here Ye, Here Ye -- Gather' round, one and all for MY best find yet!

And I was NOT exaggerating when I entitled this blog post, "I do believe that I've hit the mother of all lodes".
Cause that is exactly what went thru my mind when I found this website.

(here is an example of just one of the cuppies w/recipe that you will see).

Any-Whos... I saw'em. And finding 33, count'em. THIRTY-THREE gorgeous, scrumptious, mouth-watering, delectible, delightful cupcakes WITH their recipes was a fantabulous find! (for me anyway. ha)
So ok my fellow cuppers, without ANY further adieu...........
Here is the LINK for you.
Enjoy kiddies! -- LuvYa.



It Doesn't Get ANY Better Than This!

A Cupcake... on a Cupcake!


I Love - love - LOVE  this!!

Ohhh how could you not. If you love lil cuppies as I do, then "A Cupcake ON a cupcake"...

Well it's genius I tell ya, pureeeee genius. (dang it, wish I would've 'thunk' it - lol).

ok enough of my meanderings, here is another delish pic of the cupcakes and a Link to the blog WITH the tutorial on how to create the lil cuppies - (woohoo, i love tutorials y'all!).

SweetThings: Tutorial: A Cupcake on a Cupcake 


Cupcake Bouquets AND Cupcake Ideas For You!


I have found 'THE' cutest cupcake blog around!!
AND just take a look at these delish Cupcake Bouquets...  

I have always wanted to and have even attempted a couple times to make 'Cookie' Bouquets (but that's for another blog post! lol), but when I saw my very first Cupcake Bouquet...

Well, suffice it to say that I thought I had landed in yum-yum heaven!!

Oh my....  I just had a thought -- You know what would be "THE" Ultimate for me....

*drum-roll please*

A  - RAINBOW -  Cupcake Bouquet!!!!   

*insert another big  O. M. G.  here*
Please excuse me while I collect myself.  lol.

If you read my last blog post it was all about my newest mini-obsession over Rainbow Cakes.

Ok, I think I'm a lil better now.   =D

Well, you can check out this fab blog at the LINK below, & she has alot more beautiful photos of other Cupcake Bouquets on there as well for us, errr for me to salivate over.

Cupcake Bouquet Cupcake Ideas For You