Pretty As You Please AND with a Cherry On Top!

Ah-ha, GOTCHA!...
(made you look - made you look) lol

Yes, once again my pretties, even I was fooled when seeing this cupcake, especially as a thumbnail image!
Looks just so divinely delish doesn't it?

Well, heck even AFTER you know its made of felt, it is Still lookin quite scrumptious to moi...
This cute lil cuppy is from an Etsy Artisan (ViviansKitchen) and boy do I admire her goods!

Err, uhhh... well you know what I mean - Her Craftsmenship. ;)

and look at these..............   
ooooo-weeeee, simply gorge!

Ok, and if I haven't rambled on here about it before now, FYI - I am in Total LOVE with Etsy.
SO many talented people, SO many beautiful items and SO freakin little moola-$$ in my wallet for me to buy it all with!
(or poo-diggitydang-it you bet yer sweet patootie I would! And THEN... have to find room for it all - Ha!)

Actually I've been working on putting together my own lil etsy-shoppe(Vintage). Just tryin now to finalize all the minor last-minute details & work it into the ole' schedule here.

**I'll do a separate post specifically about that lil endeavor for-ya, cause it's ALOT more involved than you'd think**

Well, hope you enjoyed the pics of the Treats, my Sweets!!
Hope y'all are havin a wonderful week so far,

and as always --Click on the LINK--(below) to go to the actual site where I found all these lovelies -->

Felt Cupcake Circus Pink Red Stripes And Cherry by ViviansKitchen