Now THESE are Some of the Cutest Cookiecups Ever! - plus BONUS Surprise


But now what I did spy with-my-lil-eye, was a scrumptious looking photo that had been posted on the Pillsbury website (from this contest that they have every year) and I KNEW right then,  that I wanted to do a quick blog about it!

REASON?? - uhhh, mainly just because these are so frickin'-frackin' CUTESY Patootsie, lol!
and just HOW cute you say...

Well, SO crappin' cute that they WON!

Like I said I found them on, AND... they were from the "Bake-Off Contest #44 - Winning Recipe for 2010".

Now how bout' that. ;)

Ohh, and the winning prize you might be wondering was...


wait for it....

uhh... well, it was only a cool   -- ONE -- MILLION -- DOLLARS!!
(wait a tic, till I can get back up OFF the floor...)

Ok,  So-WHY didn't I enter this contest??.... j/jking, lol
(Hmm, now maybe wishin I had!)

Now for the BONUS Round - (one more item to note):

 In recent weeks I was given an award for "Best New Blog with less than 100 Followers".

*Yay!*.............. (whistles-catcalls-whistles)
I know...  So exciting, Right!

Ok, so it's my turn to pass along this lovely & very thoughtful Award and now I'm supposed to choose 5 "Blogs w/less than 100 followers" that I like & enjoy.
A lil FYI for ya, Not as easy a task as you might think-missy. *sighs* BUT..........

I have FINALLY come to a decision for my 5 FAV-Blog picks, so that Awards post is being written as we speak along with some over-all Blog tweaking and a slight revamping that you will hopefully notice & enjoy looking at more than my first feeble 'Beginner-101' attempts at a layout! LOL!

Well, I had better get back to finishing the FAV-Blogs post because I am SO looking forward to giving out those well-deserved Awards!   =D

Hope everyone is having a SPECTACULAR week so far!
love & blessings to everyone & your families,
--snookiecollins ;)

ok girls, you know what to do...

Go to the Pillsbury site for the complete article, video & recipe. Click on the LINK below -->

Mini Ice Cream Cookie Cups from