And Now Ladies & Gentlemen -- I HAVE Found Nirvana.....

OH MY...
Looky, looky... LOOKY!!

Three of my MOST Favorite things in the whole wide Universe! (except for my daughter of course) =D

CUP--CAKES!!!.... *insert cookie-monsters voice here*

And Raspberries AND Strawberries. Ahhhhhhhhhh....

I AM a Happy girl, I am a Hap-Happy girl!...
OH what more could a girl ever ask for in a cupcake treat.

THIS is getting me all riled up & rev ved up & pepped up for Valentines Day ya'll -- woohoo!

I've got to start making plans for my delectible, delightful, delicious Dessert menu.
Everything Pink, everything Red, & most importantly Everything scrump-deli-ish-uss!
*Im giggling lika lil schoolgirl here*

OK kids.... I will start searching the blogs for all the recipes I will be needing and finding the pics that show what I will be trying to attempt to replicate.
So be watching for my upcoming posts - Cause I guarantee they WILL be mouth-wateringly Devine!!

Love & Blessings to ALL,

1 comment:

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